Mission Statement

This is our mission statement...

About us
MidSouth Marksmen, (MSM), is a non-profit, 501C3, sportsman’s club based in Hendersonville, Tennessee whose sole purpose is to operate as a fully insured sponsoring entity that conducts the safe running of high-power marksmanship competitions at the ARMY National Guard firing range complex facility at the Arnold Engineering Development Center, (AEDC), in Tullahoma, Tennessee. MSM is a CMP, (Civilian Marksmanship Program), and NRA, (National Rifle Association), and TNSSA, (Tennessee Shooting Sports Association), affiliated club with approval from the USAF, (Air Force), and USANG, (National Guard) to conduct such competitions. All competitions are run with a special emphasis on Junior Marksmanship and a focus on firearm and range safety. 

MSM sponsors and conducts three types of marksmanship disciplines for competition at various dates during a given year that are listed in our calendar. 1)  Across the Course, (XTC), fired from the 200, 300, and 600 yard lines slow and rapid-fire,
2) Mid-Range which is done from the 600 yard line slow-fire, and
3) Long-range which is fired from the 1000 yard line slow-fire. 

Competing classes of competition include Service Rifle, Match Rifle, F-Class, FTR, and Palma Rifle. Competitions are governed under NRA High-Power Rules and Safety Regulations and the NRA Classification System and are open for participation to the public and MSM members. All funds received through entry fees are put toward club operation, safety training, and the advancement and promotion of the shooting sports. 
MSM itself is governed by a nine member board of directors complete with four officers, a liaison to AEDC, and a club membership.      

MSM began a decade ago as a local movement promoting the shooting sports for junior marksman and is proud to sponsor such competition events as the Tennessee/Alabama open High-Power championship, Tennessee F-Class and FTR Championship, Mid-South Junior Challenge, and the Tennessee Governors 20 as well as regular NRA approved monthly competitions in each of the three disciplines.

MSM also conducts various clinics and training events throughout the year for juniors and new shooters.


Promoting the shooting sports,  junior marksmanship, and safety