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2015 Photos

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2019 TN/AL F-Class LR 1000yd State Championships top shooters. More pics to come soon.

Results from our 2018 annual TN/AL F-Class LR  State Championships Sept. 1st and 2nd.

Overa-All winners Regardless Of State;

F-Open - Brian Bowling -      993-48

F-TR -     William Glasgow - 960-22

F-Open TN;                                                         F-Open AL:

1st Place;   Brian Bowling                               1st Place;  Barry Mize  

2nd Place:  Amanda Bowling                           2nd Place: Bill Allbritton

3rd Place;   Randy Graham

F-TR  TN:                                                             F-TR  AL:

1st Place;  Collin Douthitt                                1st Place; William Glasgow

2nd Place; Corbin Venters                               2nd Place; Royal Ritchey

3rd Place; John Venters

Please see the MSSA website; https://mssashooting.com/

for information on the Mid-Range Combined State Championship in Oct. 2021.  Please stand by for information on the Long Range F-Class State Championship.  See ORSA website for information on the Long Range HP Prone Championship. http://orsaonline.org/