2019 Schedule Henry County

Mar 2nd (Sat)        3X600yd            Approved

April 6th  (Sat)       3X600yd           Approved

May  4th  (Sat)      3X600yd            Approved

June 1st  (Sat)      3X600yd            Approved

June 2nd (Sun)     3X600yd            Approved

July  6th (Sat)       3X600yd            Approved

Aug  17 (Sat)        3X600yd            Approved

Sept 7th (Sat)      3X600yd             Approved

Sept 8th (Sat)      3X600yd             Approved

Oct   5th (Sat)      3X600yd            Approved

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2019 AEDC High-Power Competition

Arnold Engineering Development Center Rifle Range / Tullahoma, Tennessee

Promoting the shooting sports,  junior marksmanship, and safety

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            2019 Schedule AEDC

Jan 20th  (Sun)  3x600yd                       Club Match

Feb 17th  (Sun)  3x1000yd                     Club Match

April 20th (Sat)   3x600yd                        Approved

April 21st (Sun)  3x1000yd                      Approved

May 12th (Sun)  3x1000yd                      Approved

May 25th/26th (Sat/Sun) 6x600yd      Regional (reg. match)

Aug 18th  (Sun) 3x1000                           Approved   

Aug 31st/Sep 1st (Sat/Sun) 5x1000    F-Class ST Champ.  (Registered) 

Sep 21st (Sat)   3x 600                     Canceled

Sep 22nd (Sun) 3x600                             Approved   (Now the Dean Herron Mem.)